Why is delegation a nightmare for new female managers?

The game changed when I first became a manager. Can you relate?

Like many women in tech, I’ve always been a high achiever, consistently rated top quartile. But, after becoming a team lead for the first time in my late twenties, I struggled A LOT!

I fell into the trap of being too nice, and accommodating. As a result, I got the feeling that my team – who were mainly men – did not respect me.

Delegating was super difficult, and I found myself assigning workstreams to myself consistently. I had the double duty of managing team, project and client, on top of actually doing the grunt work.

I felt like I was protecting the team from overwork, but with me carrying far too much of the load, we got behind. The higher ups weren’t happy, and for the first time in my career, my rating dropped to “average”.

Based on my level of commitment and the amount of time and effort I’d put in, this was a devastating blow! I felt the feedback was unfair and in my head, I blamed the team, the client, and my leadership for not supporting me more as a woman in this cutthroat environment.

A year later, I was managing 2 teams on different continents! I was operating at high efficiency and my business partners were happy. Leadership was excited about me, and my team was being called “rockstars”.

AND, I was back to my top-quartile performance rating!

What changed?

I stopped blaming others, and started taking ownership of my own growth. I realized that being a manager was a whole new set of skills. I needed to acquire new KNOWLEDGE and put it into PRACTICE through determined effort.

My biggest shift was my MINDSET. Yes, shocker, the biggest barrier to my own success was my limiting beliefs, which led to self-sabotage.

Beliefs such as, “The team will LIKE ME more if I take some of the workload off them.” In reality, the team will RESPECT ME more if I had time to jump into each of their workstreams when they needed help.

I made some subtle, yet PIVOTAL mindset shifts that unlocked oceans of potential, and saw my career SOAR. I call it my INFLECTION POINT.

Do you have problems delegating?

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