Why is delegation a nightmare for new female managers?

The game changed when I first became a manager. Can you relate? Like many women in tech, I’ve always been a high achiever, consistently rated top quartile. But, after becoming a team lead for the first time in my late twenties, I struggled A LOT! I fell into the trap of being too nice, and… Continue reading Why is delegation a nightmare for new female managers?

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Mentorship vs. Sponsorship for career advancement

As mentioned in my last post, one of the most critical factors to achieving success in the workplace is finding sponsors - the right sponsors - who will open doors for you and actively support you as you grow. Malcolm Gladwell listed this as one of the 3 critical factors for meteoric success in his book, Outliers (along… Continue reading Mentorship vs. Sponsorship for career advancement

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Female Engineers – Winning with the Velvet Glove

So this blog and others like it have exhausted the facts and figured about women in engineering and how wonderful it all is for us to be there. I want to talk about something I've experienced that gave a new spin on why companies should hire and promote female engineers. Not all female engineers will agree… Continue reading Female Engineers – Winning with the Velvet Glove


What makes engineering consulting different

Its been a while since I posted - readers will realise that my lull in posts has coincided with my move to Johannesburg and my starting a new job in engineering consulting. The past 2.5 months at my new company have been a whirlwind of excitement. Being thrown into two projects in the midst of… Continue reading What makes engineering consulting different


6 Top Time Management Tips for Project Management

An old varsity friend contacted me the other day for some advice.  He also now works in project management but as a scheduler for several projects happening on various sites. He recently had an incident where the incorrect information was communicated for the progress on one of the sites - which landed him in some… Continue reading 6 Top Time Management Tips for Project Management

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Interview Tips for Engineers

I recently got a comment from a reader who asked me to share some tips on what to wear for a first interview with some engineering companies.   Having a little experience in that department, let me try and offer some advice. 1.  Be prepared Possibly the most important thing you can do before an interview is… Continue reading Interview Tips for Engineers

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Dealing with Gender Discrimination – my experience

I have become more involved on site now that the construction phase of the project is in full swing. Its amazing to see the months and months of heard work all coming together. I enjoy walking about site and inspecting the installation of the mechanical equipment I was involved in from design phase through procurement… Continue reading Dealing with Gender Discrimination – my experience

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What Makes a Woman Successful in Engineering?

We’re well into the second decade of the 21st Century.  Most countries are socially and politically stable and democracy reigns supreme. What this has meant in many places around the globe, including South Africa is that there are a whole lot more opportunities for those who were previously disadvantaged – including women. As more and more… Continue reading What Makes a Woman Successful in Engineering?


The Law of Engineering

Something that I've heard again and again from people in careers is that they had no idea they would end up in the job they were in today. So many people start out in one career and often dramatically change career-paths at some or other point. Thats one of the resons I'm not too stressed… Continue reading The Law of Engineering


New-Job Burnout

I'm going to share with you a phenomenon that I'm experiencing  right now -  New-Job Burnout. I didn't even know that such a thing existed until I googled it! Apparently its quite common in young professionals, especially in their 1st year of work. Basically, it is a condition that occurs after long periods in a stressful work… Continue reading New-Job Burnout