When it comes to social behaviour, i’ts a weel-known fact that engineers can tend to be a little, well, special at times…’Enginnering-jokes’, the kind that use terms and jargon specific to our field admittedly can become quite corny.

So at dinner last night, one of my engineer-friends (who just got a job-offer McKinsey!! Well done EM!) was telling us a story about a friend of his who could best be described as ‘the real life Sheldon’ (Big Bang Theory).

EM:    Hows it going RLS? What did you get up to last night?  (RLS = Real-Life Sheldon)

RLS: I’m good EM, well I really had a craving for chai tea.

EM: Yes, chai tea is nice!

RLS: But I don’t like the brand I usually buy, so at Pick n’ Pay yesterday, I went out and got a whole lot of spices…and made it from FIRST PRINCIPLES! *starts cracking up*

EM: *Shakes head and walks away*
Definition First Princliples: to derive a formula to work out something complicated by using basic, fundamental equations from maths and science.

Ah, Engineers! You gotta love ’em!

Mad Scientist Cupcake! Cute!!!

 I’m busy making cupcakes for my sister’s 21st! Yay, fun! Cupcake party, round 4! (You know we had to do it one last time).