Engineer Joke of the Week

Engineer Joke of the Week

I haven't done this for a while... enjoy! Two Engineers on a date  Two engineers were on a date at a swimming pool. They are sitting on the end of a diving board when the guy says to the girl, "I think we're having a moment." The girl looks to the guy and says, "We'd… Continue reading Engineer Joke of the Week

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Do Female Engineers Intimidate Men?

In response to a comment from a reader, I am inspired to write this post.  My anonymous reader says that although she is fiercely passionate about mechanical engineering and metallurgy, guys seem to prefer social girls over technical ones. Her last boyfriend even left her for someone who worked in the fashion industry! At the… Continue reading Do Female Engineers Intimidate Men?

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Dealing with Gender Discrimination – my experience

I have become more involved on site now that the construction phase of the project is in full swing. Its amazing to see the months and months of heard work all coming together. I enjoy walking about site and inspecting the installation of the mechanical equipment I was involved in from design phase through procurement… Continue reading Dealing with Gender Discrimination – my experience

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What Makes a Woman Successful in Engineering?

We’re well into the second decade of the 21st Century.  Most countries are socially and politically stable and democracy reigns supreme. What this has meant in many places around the globe, including South Africa is that there are a whole lot more opportunities for those who were previously disadvantaged – including women. As more and more… Continue reading What Makes a Woman Successful in Engineering?

Engineer Joke of the Week

Engineer Joke of the Week

Well, it's been ages since I've posted some engineering jokes, so for some Sunday fun: Engineer Joke #1: Two engineering students were walking across campus when one said, ”Where did you get such a great bike?” The second engineer replied, “Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode… Continue reading Engineer Joke of the Week

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The Smallest Girl in the Room

So as you know, I am a femal mechanical engineer. Most people think this is pretty cool, and I definitely do, but it sometimes gets really annoying having to constantly prove your right to be in the room... Now please dont think I'm just a whiney, neo-feminist, poor-me woman in the workplace. To be honest,… Continue reading The Smallest Girl in the Room


The Law of Engineering

Something that I've heard again and again from people in careers is that they had no idea they would end up in the job they were in today. So many people start out in one career and often dramatically change career-paths at some or other point. Thats one of the resons I'm not too stressed… Continue reading The Law of Engineering


The Power of Inspiration

It's really encouraging when I get back positive feedback from comments on this blog and twitter. (If you're not following me yet, please do! Engineer_Chic). Your feedback inspires me to keep writing and reaching out to the many young engineers and others who read my blog. Thank you so much! Talking of inspiration, I have… Continue reading The Power of Inspiration