Why engineers across the globe are choosing to connect and share online

With the rise of internet accessibility over the past few decades, the art and business of blogging has become commonplace. Budding writers are hoping to be noticed by publishers, entrepreneurs capitalizing on the marketing and economic opportunities of the ‘blogosphere’ (online blogging community) and everyday users wanting to connect with people and share experiences the world over. One thing that struck me, when I started blogging three years ago, however, is the scarcity of practicing engineers who engage in this medium. Excluding the highly-technical sites that turn a profit through advertisements on their blogs, it seems that today’s engineering society is more wary than their counterparts in other technical fields to share their passions, relating to personal and career related experiences musings.

Although this might spark an interesting debate on the reasons that people feel the need to share their thoughts on this type of public platform, and why in particular, engineers don’t; this article instead looks to showcase some of the top ‘personal’ engineering blogs out there, and shed some light into why these engineers have chosen to engage in this medium.

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