I know its been forever since I’ve blogged, but I think you’ll forgive me – I have been busy moving into and setting up my new place. My mum’s also moved up with much of her furniture (I didn’t have much) and we’ve been planning on how to integrate our furniture with the style of the new house.  Since its an open-plan living roon, dining room and kitchen, and the kitchen is done in gorgeous greys and silvers.  The problem is, most of our furniture is hardwood with richly-coloured upholstery!  We have beautiful vintage frames and mirrors, in gold not silver – these will have to be repainted.

So as you can imagine, we’ve been busy planning on how to give our things a complete make over and have come up with some exciting ideas!

  • Painting a feature wall in a rich, suede silver-grey with loads of texture;
  • Re-upholster chez-lounge from red and gold, to a rich velvety silver;
  • Redo the mirrors, frames and some small pieces of furniture in silver leaf using rub and buff;
  • Sanding down the oak dining room table and giving the legs a dark grey stain and the top a darker one to lift the grain;
  • Staining the bar stools by giving them a stoney grey wash with a slightly weathered finish;
  • Re-upholstering all of the armchairs and getting some matching curtains to go;

I’ve decided that as we will be doing much of the work ourselves, it would make for a great series of blogs! I’ll do before-and-after pictures and step-by-step guides on how we went about revolutionising our existing furniture to make our new house look highly chic and livable!

And not to forget the garden! Its a nightmarish mess of ill thought-out arrangements of plants and flowers that will also need a complete make-over.

This is so exciting! I cant wait!

I actually bought a drill last week – a really good Black and Decker one. I discovered that the cordless ones are much nicer, but a whole lot more expensive (more than double the price). I went to work hanging picture frames and mirrors today – drilling is a lot easier than I thought it was. I can’t believe I never thought I could drill a hole before.  Even with my newly done manicure (a beautiful set of bright red nails with just a splash of nail-art) I managed just fine.  Now I feel silly about all those times I waited around for my male friends/ colleagues to drill things for me when all this time I could have just as well done it myself!

Ooh, I feel so empowered! I also bought a set of screwdrivers and a hammer and some other stufff. I found all these at my local hardware store. I got one of the sales-guys to show me where everything was and what I needed for the things I needed to do. He was just so helpful. I will definitely go back because that hardware warehouse was a dream. Loads of useful things!

 I can’t wait until I get my sander and start sanding stuff!