3 thoughts on “Mckinsey: Women Matter”

  1. This is a great series of articles. Even though they aren’t too long, I recently published brief summaries of each of the four. Maybe you and your readers would find that useful, too:

    1: Gender diversity: a corporate performance driver: http://bit.ly/wmuRsP
    2: Female leadership: a competitive edge for the future: http://bit.ly/AljU0g
    3:Women leaders: a competitive edge in and after the crisis: http://bit.ly/yw1y7Y
    4: Women at the top of corporations: making it happen: http://bit.ly/AlTvjN


    1. Thanks for the links! your reviews on the articles are good and make the large amount of information easier to digest on a busy schedule.

      I suggest my readers have a look at your blog too, you’re filling a distinct need for women in academics!

      1. Thanks for the recommendation; I really appreciate that. On my blog, I’m trying to write about why it’s smart to invest in increased gender balance. That is, I’m trying to build arguments about how organizations (primarily universities in my case, but I think much of it has broader application) can better reach their own goals if they do better on gender equality. It’s an interesting challenge to build those arguments (and I’d love feedback on any of my blog posts from you or your readers). Right now, I’ve actually started writing a book on this topic. I’ll keep you posted!

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