I came across these over the past two weeks and thoguht I’d share.

The first one is quite short-and-sweet and gives me hope for the younger generation. Its quite daunting, but also awe-inspiring how kids these days know so much more about technology and the internet than I do (and thats saying ALOT since I’m a blogger- hello?!)

12 Year Old App Developer

The next video I watched on my cellphone on the long road home from work. Well, I started listening to it in the car (I do this for audio clips, not visual ones so I don’t end up in a ditch somewhere, but decided 5 minutes in to pause until I parked off. I climbed out of my car and sat there, awe-struck for the entire video. It was simply amazing.  It envoked some strong emotions, I must admit.

Check it out:

The Birth of a Word