I was in Denver, Colorado last week to attend the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE). Denver is lovely city with a cosy-feel although its quite a large city! It also has a beautiful airport – designed to resemble mountain peaks (although I thought it looked like a parachute hanger- which was much cooler in my opinion). Eco-Hawk and I took a bus out to the little town of Boulder – about 45 minutes out of the city center. The mountains are just gorgeous but I almost froze to death! It turns out that nothing I own is nearly warm enough to survive a winter in the US! Plus, its Summer right now in SA. I’ve realised that the thing I love the most about the USA is this – The Cheesecake Factory. (Of course it had to be food 🙂 )

The congress was great although I only stayed to attend committee meetings for ASME. It does seem that I have taken on a bit more than I can chew and will have to start saying ‘no’ quite soon before the wheels start coming off. Right now, I’m working on connecting Early Career Engineers to opportunities and programs within ASME. We’re trying to reach out to “ECE”s all over the world and offer them roles within our group, so if you’re interested, get in touch!

Working for ASME is really great. Apart from the opportunity to travel (which is really awesome) I get to meet the most interesting people (and sing karaoke in front of the President of the Society – eek #liquidconfidence!).  I love how informal it is and it seems like everyone in the Society just wants to help you succeed. ASME volunteers are a great bunch. I also bumped into the E4C crew, who are always great to connect with (and who owe me a guest-blog! Yes, you agreed to it!)

Very exciting, ASME’s President Victoria Rockwell (yes, she’s a woman!) has just landed in SA to attend a conference on education. I’ve been busy trying to put together a program for her to connect with some key people while she’s here, which I know is going to be great. First on my list is SAWomEng, of course. EWB also has a day to showcase their current/past projects, so I hope we can make the most of that opportunity (because I don’t think I did much winning-over with my singing :/ ) ouch…

 I’ll be having dinner with Victoria and a bunch of young engineers from SA who have done some great things on the development scene on Friday, so I’ll keep you posted on how this week pans out!