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Top Ten Reasons NOT to Date an Engineer


So, since I am actually dating an engineer (a mechanical engineering masters student, might I add!), I think I’m allowed to joke about this…although I don’t think this is going to impress EcoHawk very much 🙂 

10.   Shirts and jeans are our formal dress. Hot dog and a six-pack is our seven-course meal.   Sadly, this one is very, very accurate I’m afraid – but they really do come out of their shell when they’re comfortable. When you do get them to throw on a pair of dress-pants however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well they clean up!

9.      The only social life known of is to post and talk on the net.   I suppose I can’t comment on this one since I’m a blogger with 3 blogsites, 2 twitter accounts and multiple FB pages/ groups :/

8.       We flame like a monster inside, and speak like a pussy cat.   Beware of what lurks beneath the surface!

7.       We work from 6:30am to 7:30pm daily. No morning kisses and no evening walks.  Not acceptable! There is always time for cuddling! Put your foot down, girls!

6.      No matter how hard you cry and how loud you yell at us , we just sit there calmly discussing your emotion in terms of mathematical logic.   I can just see myself getting into trouble as I write this, so I shall refrain from commenting on this one! Safe to say – this is DEAD ON!

5.      We only listen to classic rock.We hate everything from Bach to Prince

4.      We touch our cars more often than you/her.  Hmm, I can’t complain about this one – so do I!  😛

3.      We talk in acronyms.

2.       Can’t leave that damn pencil off our ears for a minute.  “Work”- that dirty skank!

1.        Will file a divorce if you call us in the middle of debugging.  They do take their gadgets and tecchi-stuff very seriously.

So there you have it. I hope I am still dating an engineer after this post – wish me luck! If you have any engineer-jokes, send them along and I’ll post them!

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons NOT to Date an Engineer”

  1. dating with a boyfrnd……………and dating wth a mechanical engg bfrnd……………..diffrences a lot……………..
    1.dey rarely lie
    2. they r frank
    3. dey loves their glfd a lot
    4.dey r rocking always……………….!
    so, hv fun……………..wth ur ME.ENGG BFRND………….!

  2. I am a woman who loves Mechanical Engineering, Materials Sciences, Metallurgy and geophysics. My problem is guys like social girls (I was left for a Victoria’s Secret bra fitting specialist). I am earthy, raw, and get a charge out of Physics. It is my voice and communication. I am also loving, loyal, and will not give up until the problem is solved.

    1. Thanks for the comment –

      Sorry about the bad luck but I think you may be better off without someone like that. Us girls who are passionate about our careers – especially those of us in technical fields are often intimidating to men. You just gotta find one who is comfortable enough in his own masculinity not to feel treatened. It is a problem though (which is possibly why I date engineers).

  3. Great article Rhea! It reminds me of a relationship I had many years ago in college. I was a passionate, emotional, liberal arts gal, and he was a dry, stoic, engineering major. Talk about a match made in heaven 😉 After a certain point, I felt it was best that we both move on, and I had a heartfelt conversation with him about it. His reaction? You guessed it – dry, unemotional, and maybe a tad cheerful. It was more than my fragile ego could take and after an emotional rant, I slapped his face and stormed off. Once I came to my senses, I realized how ridiculous it all was. I slapped the guy I had just broken up with because he was not the least bit upset that I broke up with him. How crazy is that?! The story doesnt end there. He actually sent me an apology card and flowers. I often wonder if that young man truly understood what he was apologizing for. lol! Btw, that was the first and only time he sent me flowers during the whole time we were dating 😉

    1. Hey Karen, thanks for the comment. Thats funny but so typical of an engineering student – emotionally detached. My boyfriend has been a qualified engineer for years and trust me, although they do get better at the “emotions thing” with age, he still is at a complete loss for words when I get emotional. They honestly need to be taught the basics. I guess thats just the way they are hard-wired…as a liberal arts major, you must be surrounded by extraverted and expressive individuals so I can see how that just wont mesh well.

      thanks for following and stay tuned because I it seems there is more to this topic!

  4. Hi Rhea! Glad you enjoyed the story. I’d like to think that I taught him a valuable lesson and he was much more sensitive, romantic, etc. around the subsequent women he dated. But I’m probably just flattering myself and after that slap he just assumed most women were bat-shit crazy, lol.

  5. Haha!! Love the story Karen 🙂 I wonder how he explained the red-hand print on his cheek to his buddies. lol!

    Btw, I’ve been married to a chemical engineer for 15 years and Rhea is correct, they get better on the “emotions thing” with age.

  6. Well my husband and I both Mechanical Engineers who met in college have been married for almost 34 years. It does get better and we do talk about more than E=mc (squared). Ha Ha! Well my daughter is a chip off the block very social and graduated with a degree in Building Construction with honors and has a Contractors license!

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