This is going to be a very short post as I need to head out to an EWB conference-planning meeting in a bit. Actually Its a bit of an advert for EWB-SA (don’t hate-its a good cause)!

We’re organizing EWB-SA’s First National Conference, with the theme (to be confirmed) relating to coming together as an organisation for growth. The 3-day conference will serve a few purposes:

  • Skills transfer and development for future student EWB committee members. They will attend workshops relating to setting up and managing EWB chapters and projects.
  • Bring all stakeholders of EWB together to brainstorm and develop EWB-SA vision and identity as an organisation and plan strategically for the next year.
  • Increase awareness of EWB in SA through marketing and exposure.
We’re looking for people based in Cape Town and Stellenbosch who will be motivated and committed to the planning and executing of this conference. The conference dates are set for the first week in December, so the committee need to plan to be in Cape Town this entire week (flights will probably be arranged if they are not local).
We want inspired graduates or grad-students who have the time to commit to this project- i.e. not people who could potentially be delegates at the conference.
The following portfolios are open:
  • Program planning and development- someone to plan the student and professional delegate programs and coordinate it on the day.
  • Student delegate administration- someone to coordinate delegate applications and issues on the day
  • Guest Speakers – someone to organise and coordinate professional guest speakers and look after them at the event.
  • Logistics and venue- someone in Cape Town to drive out to the venues and help with selecting one and dealing with venue issues, coordinating transport for delegates
Please contact Michelle  on asap if you want to be involved in growing EWB-SA.
So thats it…PLEASE share this to whoever you think may be interested in the planning committee or on the funding side.