Engineer Chic!

Love and Engineers

Its Valentines Day!

Isn’t it just great to know there are millions of people out there that are celebrating LOVE right now?
(I really thought this was super cute)
So lets talk a little about love and engineering…Sure, we’re not known to be the most romantic of disciplines, and yes, many of the engineers I know aren’t naturally inclined to big shows of affection. Some, I must admit, prefer the company of machines to people (thats just a joke btw!). But everyone needs love, and everyone knows the crazy, dizzying feeling that comes with falling in love, even the most mechanically-minded of souls.
So I’m dedicating this post to all misunderstood engineers. Although I know you like to act tough, I also know that you’re only human. So if you know an engineer, give them a hug today (and maybe even a kiss). 
And perhaps they’ll send you one of these next year?

and my favorite…
Oh little Buggy! I just wanna eat you up!
Happy Valentines Day!

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