So these were the shoes I was wearing last week, clip-clopping through the carpeted corridors of Melrose arch…(ok, mine were beige, but you get the picture!)
But on the plant, fashion works a little differently…
Yes, introducing the Safety Boot! This classy shoe has a 2 inch thick rubber sole and a sexy steel-capped toe. This beast is sure to protect you against, well, just about EVERYTHING!
They had to order me a special size because nothing they had would fit my “miniature” feet!  I say, its time for this industry to start accommodating the women who are (quickly) filtering in. Would it really hurt so much to keep a few smaller sizes in stock?
I’m not saying we shouldn’t wear the overalls…
Even though no self-respecting woman would want to wear this:
…the thing is, we just have to. I’m not arguing that PPE (Personal protective Equipment) is necessary and is there to prevent you from getting injured. There are many many ways to get seriously injured in this place. 
But wearing pants that are so high that they come up to my chest and a jacket that flaps around by my knees is a hazard in itself. I could trip and fall from a treacherous walkway or ladder, or get my sleeves caught in a conveyor pulley! What I’m trying to say is we need clothes that fit or sexy female curves!  
But everything about the PPE industry is masculine and male focused. I find it an eyesore! Check out this winner:
I love this picture…So Manly! haha! One could argue, since most of the people who work in these industries are men, they should be male-focused. But I know a little secret…
Most of the planners, buyers and secretaries in these masculine environments are women! Women page through PPE clothing catalogues. I’m sure they’d like to see more of this:
(sorry for the stock-photo!)
Now, thats the way to sell a hard hat!