Mpumalanga: The Land of the Rising Sun

I’m getting better at the drive between Johannesburg and Steelpoort. Today, I returned in just 3.5 hours, with two short stops for petrol and a snack. Seeing as the first time it took me just over 5 hours, things are certainly looking up! 
The road out of Steelpoort

Also, excitingly, I’ve been invited to a Leadership Training Conference in Dallas, Texas in early March. This will be the third trip that I’ve taken through ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)…and of course, it is fully funded by them. Thankfully, my supervisor is also excited about me representing my company overseas, as she let me take a few days off for travel! Yes!

African Sky

I’m really starting to love Steelpoort. Sure, its not the most beautiful spot in Mpumalanga. Sabie’s waterfalls or the famous ‘Potholes’ are absolutely stunning! But there is a stillness here. An Africanness. 
A typical, rural African road: Potholes for Africa!

Potholes of a different kind: formed from the meeting of two rivers
We are surrounded by rural Africans, and we’re building on reclaimed, community-leased land! I wave at the children as they return home from school and the goats timidly cross the roads, dodging the cars. 
South Africa’s resources industry is the backbone of our economy

Although rife with poverty and unemployment, I feel almost hesitant to bring progress to this place. I know that is an incredibly colonial thing to say, but this vast meandering valley, cradled by sweeping green mountains, are just so untouched.

Uniquely African