Rhea (FINALLY) Gets her Driver’s License 

I know what you’re thinking: how can she have a degree and no driver’s license? What kind of Engineer cant drive? Well, I’ll have you know, I can drive, and have for a very long time! It’s just driver’s tests that I cant do…well, not anymore apparently. I got my license on my third attempt at the Greytown License Center. And no, I did NOT bribe the instructor…although I had R200 in my pocket just in case (not that I was going to use it!) I passed this time without rolling or climbing curbs or anything! But as is the usual way my life goes, there was drama. (There had to be!) 
PC practicing his straight-drive
during my driving lesson
My test was scheduled for the 31st December: New Years Eve. I had asked the lady to book me on another day, telling her that if I failed, I didn’t want it to ruin the New Years Eve celebrations for me. But of course being the bureaucrat that she was, she couldn’t help making my life difficult. “There ther-ty ferst”, she said in her  heavy Zulu accent. So PC (Prince Charming) and I drove the two hour drive into the countryside the 30th and spent the night with family I have there. I go for one last driving lesson before the test, in a dodgy parking lot which the driving school happened to be sharing with goat vendors (Poor goats, destined to become New Years Eve feasts!) and swarms of flies. I pitch up at the testing station and lo and behold: they are closed. Of course they are closed! Its New Years Eve for God’s sake! It turns out that I’d completely misheard the bureaucrat. She had said, ‘There therd of ther ferst’, and not, ‘Ther ther-ty ferst’ after all! Sigh…life goes on.
It didn’t help that various car dealerships in Durban were all waiting (like the vulture scum they are) for confirmation that I’d got my license so they could go ahead and process my car finance! But yes, I had to drive all the way back to Durban…and all the way back to Greytown again 3 days later…But I did it, and I passed. I love leaving everything to the very last minute, just for kicks! (not really)