So I’m leaving today for Vancouver, to attend the IMECE conference! International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Expo!  I’m so excited, hopefully I can get to do some skiing while I’m there! Its going to be freezing and I own NOTHING that is really warm enough. Give me a break, I live in South Africa! My flat mate from New York laughed at my thickest, warmest winter jacket, saying that it was “a start at least”!

Looks like I’m going to be layering!

So I have to rush home to pack, but let me just give an overview of what exactly I’m up to in Vancouver! Firstly, I’m a volunteer on a committee of ASME, the society who took me to the States in June for their Annual Meeting. So the various committees are meeting again at IMECE and I have to put together a bit of a presentation to show what I’ve done over the last few months…*stress*

Apart from that, my thesis supervisor has put together a panel from around the globe to talk about Lean and Lean education as applicable to Mechanical Engineering students. They are talking about learning of Lean by students, teaching Lean to students, Industry’s changing requirements of students etc. Well, this is all good and well, but you cant have so much talk about students and not actually have a student of lean, who has actively engaged in lean learning and projects, who is going into industry…And guess who’s been asked to be this said “Lean Student”? Well, you guessed it. I’ll be submitting myself to be the Guinea pig of the day, being observed and questioned and prodded..

Sigh, well, I’m not really sure what exactly they expect of me, but I think I’ll figure it out..

Ok, gotta go get packing! Eek, I hate flying! Sooooo much! *panic*

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