Yesterday I finally got all the pipes fitted and tightened for my washing machine. Finally, I thought, finally I can start working on the enormous mountain of clothes that have been piling up in the corner of my room! (If there has been a strange smell emanating from me when I walk past, please forgive me!)
So I get everything hooked up, turn it on and get started on my thesis write up (eish!).
After about half an hour of happily typing up all the many problems the hospital has, I get a weird smell, sort of like burnt pots coming from the kitchen. I run in to find my washing machine on spin, happily bouncing around the place, knocking things over and staining the floors like the good washing machine it is…but wait, not so good after all …the burnt smell was coming from the machine! 
I quickly turn it off, go back into my room and throw a mini fit. My poor housemates!
When I come out again, I call the guy who sold it to me and have another little fit on the phone to him. 
Note to self: Never buy second hand appliances from a dodgy Moybray shop!
So apparently I’ll get a new one on Monday…sigh…it never ends…
As for my thesis, I’ve been having fun making all my little flow diagrams and graphs, but the writing is going painfully slowly! I’ve taken the major decision to put everything else on the back-burner until its submitted in 2.5 weeks time! (Wait, did I just say 2.5 weeks?)

Study Cartoon Pictures, Images and Photos

This is just so cute!!!

So that means that EWB, sorry but you’ll have to do without this EngChic for a while…and blogging?
Well since the name of the blog suggests, I am an engineer in the making…If I want to keep that title, I guess I have to actually get the degree…so I’m sure you’ll forgive my absence! Promise to be back soon with tons of new EngChic savvy! 
Until then…Caio!