What a mixed up day!
It started as usual: wake up at the crack of dawn and head out to Athlone’s GF Jooste Hole, I meant Hospital!!!
Only to realize that all the great progress I thought I’d made yesterday had been undone by a few confused people. No worries, all I had to do is follow (literally follow) a stack of papers around the hospital all day…
This included running (literally running) up and down a lot!

I finally got the process to flow…but thats was just the trial-run for the trauma ward. When the other wards switch from ordering once every two weeks to ordering on-demand, there will be scale-creep (I love that term) effects that will pop up.. Hopefully I can get it going soon so I’ll have a chance to problem-solve and work out the bugs!

I also booked my ticket to Vancouver for the IMECEE Conference for ASME in November. I had planned to route back through Hawaii (half way between Melbourne and Vancouver), but decided to go to Melbourne instead for a week or so! Fun times, unluckily though I’ll be routing through the Middle East like 3 times!!!!

Check this out:

Cape Town-Dubai

Dubai-Melbourne (this one is really dodgy!)

Melbourne-Random city in the Middle East
Random city in the ME- Cape Town?????

Ahhh! I thinkI will be flying more than being in Vancouver!! And you know how much I LOVE flying!