I had the opportunity to meet another blogger today. In fact, Pratish Mistry just won ‘Best Political Blog’ at the SA Blog Awards for his www.wonkie.com blog. Quite an interesting cat, but I’ll get to that in a minute…
While waiting for him to arrive at our Long Street meeting place, I had some time to browse a small bookstore,just across the road from Mojito…

This little gem is home to hundreds of books about South Africa: histories,novels, opinions, memoirs…etc. I was so impressed by the collection, especially since it was NOT limited to the ‘Big 5′ and ‘the Struggle‘, but offered such a variety of flavours for any SA enthusiast! Seeing Steven Otter’s Khayelitsha: uMlungu in a Township (a piece of non-fiction I had often seen ((at a seriously inflated price)) in bookstores recently), I asked the owner, “Do you have anything on the history of the Cape Flats? I’m doing this project in Nyanga and something like that would really add context to my research”. The reply was, “Sadly and surprisingly not! I don’t think I have anything comprehensive, and everything written pre-1994 has er..well.”
“A certain standpoint?” I say.
“Well to put it nicely, yes!”
“Hmmm….well I guess I’ll have to write one“, I say as I leave the store.

So Pratish and I go to Cape to Cuba and have a long chat about a whole bunch of things…It turns out he’s been all over the world and has written two books,including The Universe and the Mad Butterfly! This actuary-turned-cartoonist is definitely worth checking out!

Ah, a very good day all-round! Especially since I’ve started implementing major changes at the hospital! We had a trial-run today to reduce stock-issue lead-time from 2 weeks to (hopefully) 2days! I’m very excited about that, and so are the ward-sisters (who threw their arms around me and squealed with delight when I told them the good news!) They know the impact this is going to have to the patients who really need it!

Just got off Skype with my Aussie Prince Charming before he left to slay his evil Senior Manager dragon…sigh 🙂 yes the time difference is a bitch, but somehow I know all will work out! Call it a hunch! (Thank you for being your awesome understanding self)