So remember how we’re planning to introduce super green, super clean, energy efficient stoves to combat the awful effects of the treated wood used by township caterers????
Well ordering the stoves have been a NIGHTMARE of note! The ones we found in Swaziland are taking forever to arrive, which is pushing our timeline further and further into the oblivion of exam time! This is really stressing me out! We finally got a quote from the American supplier, but stove+shipping is ridiculously expensive! We found a great one in JHB, but this costs R3500! For our project to really make                 a sustainable impact, we really need to get hold of the affordable ones (R500)…Oh my oh my! What stress!

To make matters worse, I just logged onto my email (for the 1st time this long-weekend) and found that it is full of stove queries and questions and ideas and complaints from a whole host of project stakeholders! Cringe! Why is this happening??? We still need to test and select, the top few stoves, introduce them to the community and get feedback, then establish a supply-chain with the supplier before rolling out in December!  And we’re running out of time!

Above and Right: The Resteo Energy, StoveTec Stoves

But like the angel he is, my treasurer (and most enthusiastic first-year on the project) sends me one of his genius links to a local producer with distributors all over the country! Thank you MD! Honestly, when I got this young man’s application at the start of this year (a page-long declaration of his commitment to development and uplifting SA’s impoverished) I was incredibly touched! In 1st year, all I cared about was parties and my friends! It’s weird, but you can spot leadership potential a mile off! Here’s some piccies for you’s!

The Hewmatt Institutional Stoves!