Things learnt this week:

  • Don’t get into a long distance relationship with someone in Australia, the 8 hour time distance is a bitch
  • Trust your gut, it may not always be right, but if you don’t trust yourself, nobody else should!
  • Be nice to secretaries. If you want something from the ‘boss’, chances are their secretary is going to get it done
  • Wearing something daring or flamboyant makes you look (and feel) more confident
  • When faced with a HUGE fine, don’t be afraid to ask for a reduction. Its not the institution you have to deal with, its a person…Be honest and ask nicely. People are more understanding than you think
  • Trust your team-mates. Give them big responsibilities to help them grow, but be there to support them as they learn
And be yourself…if people like it, great! If not, change the people to keep around with!