So who says things don’t happen for a reason? Well,for starters, me! Or at least I did at the beginning of the year…

I’m the biggest skeptic around. I don’t believe in anything I can’t prove, a real typical scientist. I walk under ladders, never get nervous on Friday 13th and take all ‘miracle’ stories with a large lump of salt! But weird things have been happening this year that have begun to make me question and…surprisingly…believe!
List of weird shit that happened this year:
  • I ran the 2 oceans this year. I don’t know why, but I knew I had to. I trained really hard (all by myself) and did it. At the finish line, I met a man who has changed my life and continues to do so on a daily basis!
  • After being with this man for a few weeks, I get onto a society and end up going to Pittsburgh for free! He happens to be in Chicago (one hour by plane away) THAT SAME WEEK!
  • Being worried that he wouldn’t get to meet my Godfather due to his busy schedule, I find out that my Godfather is going to be in London AT THE SAME TIME WE ARE! (I was only there for 3 nights)
  • I go to visit him in Melbourne for a week. I get a call from Accenture, Melbourne to ask if I can come in for an interview… Coincidentally this happens two weeks before I am scheduled to be there!
  • I write a reasoning test for Proctor and Gamble. While in Melbourne, I get a call from them to ask me to please apply for a position, since they want to invite me for an interview. This is a company that has been completely off my radar, but turns out is absolutely awesome in every way. I END UP GETTING A JOB OFFER!

So for the past few days I’ve been stressing out… Should I take the offer? What about Australia? What will happen to my relationship? Am I losing my mind????

But then I stop and think about it…all this stuff has happened, and keeps happening. Why me? Am I just really lucky? Or is it that I always believed it would ‘just work out’? Yeah, I really wanted to travel, I wanted to find the right guy, I wanted the perfect job, and it happened…Just like I knew it would…So why stress? Let me just keep doing what I’m doing: working hard, being positive, and staying focused on my goals! Its the best advice I can give to anyone…
Believe. Not in the hocus pocus, but in yourself. Have faith that you are capable of succeeding and you will!