I’m working at a hospital in the middle of the cape flats,the worst hospital in the district.
I’ve taken on the enourmous task of trying to make this sick hospital better. Currently, patients enter the trauma ward and end up waiting hours, even days to be seen by a doctor.
The type of patient that checks himself into the trauma ward is often the type of patient that can’t wait that long,as u can imagine, its chaos.

So what is an engineer doing in this mad crazy world of doctors and nurses and patients and sickness?
Didn’t I deny every attempt my medical parents made to drive m$e into a career in medicine? How did I end up doing my final year thesis in a hospital?
The truth is,I proposed this project, it wasn’t assigned to me and I didn’t choose it off a list, I proposed it. (Like the hero I am),I believed that I could make this sick hospital better.
I ges I didn’t realise what a HUGE challenge that would be!
To be honesty,I love the theory, lean is my dream, it just makes so much sense to me! But I’m finding more and more each day that real life is so ridiculously hard to deal with.
I have to work with people and get them to buy into what I’m suggesting, people who have been doing their job one way for years. Now this ‘little lady with big ideas'(or so the hospital superintendant calls me)
Is gonna come in and turn it on its head! Wow, what do I think I am?

All I know is I’m gonna have to toughen up, and soon if I’m gonna make it work here!