I took the blue-line train from O’Hare international in Chicago into ‘the loop’, the inner city of Chicago on the South end of which I was staying. Trusting my luck, the handle of my huge roller-suitcase broke off at the airport! I had to wheel this giant, pink monstrosity, my carry on and huge handbag the three locks from the station to Hostelling International where I was staying, just a block from the awesome fountain of Grant Park!
The west edge of the park borders the loop, and the East is on the banks of Lake Michegan, one of the Great Lakes!!! Its impossible to describe just how awesome the park is, but I hope these pics do it justice!

I checked in and began wandering the city, starting with the park. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful it is, and big too! Rose gardens and oak-lined walkways were scattered everywhere and as I headed north into Millenium Park, I was simply stunned to behold the impact of the ingenius architechture, the perfect backdrop to the park’s walled gardens and art installations! I could write pages on this park alone, it truly is one of the city’s most valued features. From the twin brick towers, upon which the smiling faces of children are projected to the awesome ‘silver bean’, a landmark in itself, the park had so much to offer!

I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the park’s free Summer concerts that happen every Monday during the warmer months. The band, She and Him, featuring the singer/ actress Zooey Deschanel, from 500 days of Summer was great and there were thousands of people chilling out and enjoying a picnic and wine, enjoying the cool summer evening. I randomly met two awesome photography students who adopted me for the night!