Well the day has finally arrived! I am leaving for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 18:40 this afternoon and am so excited! All that stands between me and the next milestone in my life/ career is completing a report, sorting out some admin and +- 22 hours flying time.

Wait, say what? 22 hours flying time???? !!!!????
I must be crazy, especially since I absolutely loathe flying…I know, its silly and irrational, but I hate it! There are just so many crowds and queues and all the waiting! It’s the waiting that really kills me. You have to get there a whole hour before (3 hours for international), check in then wait to board, wait in a queue to get onto the plane. Wait to get to your seat, wait to take off…Then you’re up in the air, which is the really looonngg awful wait. When you land you’re so excited and eager to get back onto solid ground but noooo, you must wait to disembark, then wait for you luggage!
Wow, that system is so filled with wasted time its hard to believe that we put up with it at all! I know that airport companies are trying their very best to improve queuing systems and baggage sorting systems etc, but lets just stop for a second and think about all the people that fly every day out of one airport in one large city. Think of all the doctors, engineers and business people, as well as the mothers, brothers and friends who, as part of their jobs or travels, have to spend so much of their time waiting. Now lets multiply that by all the people that fly in all the cities around the world! What a waste!
Firstly, some of these are highly skilled people whose time is valuable to the economy and the wellbeing of our country! If you had to sum up all of the hours they spend waiting, how much awesome good could these people do with this time?
Sure, its important for them to get to their destinations to be able to do all this ‘good work’ and add value to society as a whole, but all that waiting isn’t getting them any closer to their destinations, its keeping them away!
How many lives could be saved, bridges built international relations forged? When these people go home to their loved ones, are they fresh and bright and in a great position to be an attentive husband, a caring mother, a giving sister? Or are they bushed by the fact that their 2hour flight actually stole 5 hours (including travel to the airport) from their day and was a drain on their soul?
Well, its obvious that I’m becoming a real “lean” thinker…remind me to explain what lean is all about, after all, it’s probably going to be the direction my career will go in in the next few years at least…
Keep well and take care…Enjoy the Soccer! I had to give away 3 ItalyParaguay group match tickets because of my tip, but its all worth it!