Dear Life…

This week, there were times when I have wanted to give up. So many obstacles kept obscuring my goal and I seriously questioned if I was capable of getting there..And by ‘there’ I mean the USA, for the conference I was invited to in June, and which I am SO excited/anxious about.
To name but a few:
  • I lost my passport and had to visit Home Affairs 3 times in the last two weeks to apply for a new one. I wasn’t sure if I would get it in time to book visa’s
  • I almost wasn’t able to get a flight out of the US since they are almost fully booked at this time of year!
  • My flights cost WAY more than normal due to the World Cup and the fact that its Summer in the US.
  • Just as I was about to pay for my plane tickets, ASME asked me to hold off, saying that they might not be funding my trip anymore…I was devastated!
  • Something else very major happened that may cause me to make a big move some time soon, but lets just say that at first I was even more devastated by this than the fact that I might not be going to the US
The amount of bureaucracy, time, money, and pure effort and soul that went into the planning of this trip is impossible to describe in words. Suffice to say, I was spent and I was ready to just give up on ever getting to the US.
Last night, I got confirmation that I’m still invited to the conference in Pittsburgh, my passport was processed and today I booked and paid for my tickets, and accommodation in Pittsburgh. As for the last “very major thing” which I cant really mention here: well, it may actually turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, but we’ll see!
In just one day, the world is right again. Breathe. Breathe. Everything is working out, because it had to!
Thank you for making sure I’m still on the path to my destiny.
Love, Q
Dear Sun…
Come back please, we miss you here in the “Fairest Cape”, which has turned into the “Cape of Storms” in your absence. Even though you showed up today, it wasn’t the same, I could feel you were giving me the cold shoulder. Why must you be such a snob? I guess I’ll have to come after you again…expect a visit from me in June.
Thank you for always coming back.

Love, Rhea

Dear Prof K.
You believed in me. For some reason, you saw me as more than just the girl that sat in the back row of your lectures and chatted constantly to her neighbors (still managing to do pretty decently in your courses I might add). A lot of the career decisions I will make in the future will be attributed to you introducing me to a field within the broad field of Mech Eng (Processes) which I took to immediately and absolutely loved. I enjoy your lecture-style, and appreciate your “no-spoon-feeding” approach that “makes us think“. Talk about problem-solving!
Thank you for believing me, mentoring me and always having time for me. Thank you for nominating me for the ASME post, I know I’ll make you and UCT proud.
Love, Ms Naidoo
Dear Parents…
You are always supportive and always loving. You continue to see me grow into the person I am going to be. I know I’ll make you proud.
Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Love, Q
Lastly, but never least,…
Dear N.B. (aka Big Bear)
I’m not kidding when I say I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. I don’t know how you can be so chilled when I’m busy freaking out all over town, but you are exactly what I needed at this time! I still am amazed at the sheer quantity and complication of all these coincidental events which had to take place to lead us to this point, but I’m not questioning it. I’m just in awe; of you, of me, of all of this.
Thank you for being there. Thank you for keeping me calm and sane these last few weeks. And most of all, thank you for running the two oceans and finishing two minutes ahead of me which allowed us to meet.
Love, always, Rhea
Dear Tasmin…
Thank you for being the cutest little sister in the world! And thank you for reminding me to put this in to this post. Mwah!
Love, Q