I don’t know what it is about this year, but Fate just keeps dropping pebbles in my path to pick up. Again and again, as I reach down to grasp what I think is a tiny white stone, I am surprised to find a miraculously beautiful pearl reflecting a thousand colours.

Remember how I mentioned a while back that I was applying for a position on ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers? Well, it turns out that I didn’t end up applying to the Diversity Committee but the Committee on Student Development (CSD).
I got an email two days ago saying that they have elected me as a “Member-at-large” on their committee, with my term officially starting in June…in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!!!
You can only imagine how excited I was (and still am)!

I’m not revealing too much, but the trip is looking like its going to be awesome, and I plan to check out Chicago as well on the way back!
The “Township Caterers Project” is going great! Our research teams have visited the sites a few times and have gathered tons of information already. We’re making great contacts every day, and I’m really happy with the way its working out! It’s a bit early to say still but those energy-efficient stoves might just be the key to this project’s success. Next week, students from the ERC (Energy Research Center), UCT are having a cook-off, using different stoves and cooking methods, to try to determine the fastest, cleanest and most economical way to fry up a meal! I’m backing my Deputy Head, Christina who I’m sure is going to do us proud!
And so I;m back to slaving away at the Computer Aided Drawing board, for my final Design assignment for my robot. I’ts going slow and steady, but looking great, don’t you agree? This is just the first axis, the full robo will be a lot bigger than this part, and my team members are busy getting it all ready now for me to put it together! After this, its just the report at the end of July, so I’ll have a chance to work on my other projects for a while!

Well, back to work! Will blog more soon!

Note the solar water-heater on the roof! The Kuyasa fund works with the NGO South South North, and give loans to people so they can insulate their homes, and have a hot-water supply that is totally free after purchase!