One quick thought that came to me in an email this morning: PUMA, in an attempt to cut it’s carbon footprint, is coming out with “A Clever Little Bag“; a new way to package shoes.

Here’s what PUMA say:

‘Sustainability necessary’

According to Puma the move will save 8,500 tonnes of paper, and mean a reduction of 60% in water and energy used during the production process.

It will also mean a reduction in transportation, due to the lighter packaging which does away with much cardboard, tissue paper, and various forms of plastic wrappings.

Sustainability in business is no longer negotiable, it is absolutely necessary, and we companies are overdue in taking responsibility,” declares Jochen Zeitz, Puma’s youthful-looking 47-year-old chief executive and chairman.
Business is part of the environmental problem; and we need to do what we can to fix it – companies need to lead the way.

I say, “Well Done PUMA”. Although we know that this ‘clever little bag’ is probably just a ‘clever little PR move’ (considering the current consumer trend of “going green”), Ole to you none the less. Maybe you’ll start a trend in the sports-gear world!