Well I’ve been sick all week, and had to drag myself out of bed and downstairs this morning because I had a delivery. Imagine my surprise to see what it was…well, you know who you are, you sneak!

So I’ve been sick, but still ridiculously busy! I had to cancel the project braai today because of the rain-it looks like the infamous Cape Winter has come knocking. I hope he goes away for a while longer, the cold doesn’t suit me at all!
The good news is that I’ve pulled up my socks finally and have planned out the whole of next weeks event already!
Monday: Focus group session (serious)
Tuesday: Trip to Gugulethu and Nyanga (always great)
Wednesday: Project workshop (my my my…)
Thursay: Coffee with Head of EWB (looks like someone wants to check my progress 😉 )
Friday: Project braai (fun/relax/sigh)
In between all this, I have to hand in a huge Design assignment. Life Cycle Cost Analysis, plus an Optimization…I don’t even know how to start! And then there’s a meeting with my future thesis supervisor to give him a report on our MTN science center project…SCARY!!!
I keep thinking “How am I going to do it, how will I survive?” Then someone I love sends me these pics, “in case I need something for my blog”, and I think, “Thank you mum”. How did you know? It turns out that I didn’t just need it for my blog, but for myself too. Its so uncanny how these things work out.
Well take a look at the pics and ask yourself, “How bad is my life, really?” And be grateful. I know I am.