I just noticed something pretty amazing. In my last post, I quoted a paper written by ‘Mistro and Hensher.‘ I had taken that sentence straight out of a term paper I submitted last year for a course, Industrial Ecology. I hadn’t even realized it when I posted it, but now it just seems so coincidental.

The topic of the first workshop I held this year for my project team was The Upgrading of Informal Settlements. I invited a professor from the civil engineering department at UCT to deliver a talk. He had published over 50 papers and was accepted at a resident expert in the field, and guess who it was? Professor Romano del Mistro, the author of the paper I had unwittingly quoted months earlier.
Coincidence or synchro-destiny? It doesn’t matter. The workshop was very well attended, and even though we couldn’t get the projector to work, Prof del Mistro had everyone on the edge of their seats, wide-eyed and left with swelling hearts. His vast knowledge and deep understanding of the situation, not exclusively from an Engineering standpoint but from an underlying and critical social and cultural one, made him an invaluable asset to kick off our project. Thank you Prof.