So I guess you’re wondering if I finished or not…

The race was simply beautiful. We started in the drizzling darkness. Somehow I got a C-seeding, which was a bit of a mistake since I should have been an E. So I started off with the really good runners who raced past me. leaving me in the dust. The first 5km were the hardest! I got my rhythm though in time for the 11km mark, where we met the infamous “Southern Cross drive”: a two km uphill struggle!
Psychologically, it was tougher than it was physically. I realized this about half-way up and after that, it was a breeze! I was shocked at how okay it was. The scenery was absolutely stunning, a privilege reserved for the runners. It looks a bit like this, only way better. Imagine, the 56km runners get to see the mountain, and both oceans (as well as Chapman’s Peak!!!).
Coming in from Rhodes drive onto the UCT sports field for the finish was just great, it was literally like coming home. People were shouting “GO UCT” and “well done IKEYS!”. Running in my UCT colours made me feel so proud, and I sprinted down the finish line laughing. The supporters helped soooo much, I’m not kidding! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I finished in 2:31:07, just short of my goal of 2:30 but I don’t mind. I have done the Two Oceans! I was on a serious buzz at the finish, and randomly met some people who turned out to be pretty awesome. Running races is such a great social experience and a chance for you to meet people with similar interests. After all, runners have to be driven!
My parents and most of their friends finished the 56km, and enjoyed their runs. Well done to everyone who finished. It was definitely not easy!