The title of this blog mentions cocktails and dancing till dawn, and I know I have been perfectly boring this year because of my training, but I made up for it this weekend. I thought I’d share some of the awesome places I visited.

Firstly, on Thursday my family got a selection of breads and cheeses from this awesome place in Newlands, Bon Fromage. Everything in this quaint coffee shop had something to do with cheese. I’ve wanted to try it forever, but never got around to it. So we had this cheesy picnic at Rhodes memorial. Pretty awesome!
Thursday night was a good friend’s graduation from pole-dancing level 1. I was a bit wary about this one, having burnt a few bras in my day, but I went along to support. It was actually pretty cool, I must admit. More pole-fitness than the usual objectification, so I warmed up to the idea. My friend was pretty amazing actually, it was great fun! I’ll play the video at her wedding-will be interesting… 😉
After that we went to this tiny, incredibly unassuming place just off Long Street, Julep. Now this place is really something else! I walked right past, because there was no sign on the door. Inside was intimate but really funky, and was full of really interesting-looking people (including a huge fat man dressed as a nun.) Now if you’re willing to wait, the barman will whip you up the most wicked Old Fashioned bourbon cocktail! Can you spell amayzing?
On Saturday, after the race, I got out to do a bit of dancing at Saint Yves at Camps Bay ( the new Ignite nightclub.) The crowd I went with were super cool and I had fun, even though I was ridiculously tired. I didn’t wear heels due to the blisters, but it’s a really classy place, and a must for party-lovers!
Sunday we explored the cape-town markets and had a long lunch at Beluga, Greenpoint (my favorite restaurant). I had more prawns than I should have, but this is my celebratory weekend, so I say “Bring it on”! I love Beluga, and if you havn’t been there yet, please do yourself a favour and go. Half price sushi and cocktails everyday from 12-7 and all day Sundays. The home of the original “half-price sushi”. Try the white Lindt chocolate Begnet balls with butterscotch sauce and home made ice cream. Literally heaven.
And I have to mention a certain delicious home-cooked North-Indian chicken makhnie. I really was spoiled this weekend!
Well today is work work work. After all that fun (and eating) I need to catch up.