On the project front, we had another great workshop today, and afterwards a pretty little blonde girl with bright blue eyes and no shoes came up to me. She turned out to be a civil engineering semester-abroad student from the USA, who is the head of a major water-supply project for her chapter of EWB! Yay, a perfect example of how awesome engineering chicks can be! I definitely think there are more of out there than people realize. The best part was that you would have never have guessed that by looking at her. She was in a delicate gray summer dress with a beautiful lace trimming, not jeans and a t-shirt as most would expect a woman of her field to be.
I’m so glad that I met Lillian today, really I am.
The women in our field do have a hard time, everyone knows so and you have to be a little tough to cope. So I can see how a woman can lose her femininity. But we have to remember that we are women, and embrace our differences, using diversity to bring something new and exciting, something fresh and beautiful to the field of engineering. And of course we have to stick together and help each other out where we can. But I think that comes with the territory of being a woman, nurture-driven and social as we are.
Anyway, enough of me rambling. I am officially a Yellow-belt!