Today was my first karate grading, and I was so excited. There were 9 white-belts who attempted the first, yellow belt, and only four of us made it.

All in all, we sucked. The grading was a tough 2 hour process of drill upon drill, ending with half an hour of kartas. It was really something else and Sensei pushed us harder than ever. I just wanted that yellow belt so badly, that I kept on going, pushing myself really beyond my limits. Towards the end, the most embarrassing thing happened! I started feeling dizzy and suddenly fainted! Well, I dropped to the floor and had to put my feet up for a while…OMG, I knew then and there that I had no hope of grading. But I had some powerade and rejoined the lines for more kartas.
After a few more drills, it was all over and while waiting in our lines, I fainted again! Now I knew my chances were really up and I asked to resign from the grading and try again next time, but Sensei just told me to sit and wait till the end. I waited patiently until the graders had made their final decisions. My heart was in my stomach, being digested slowly. The wait till Sensei got to my row seemed like forever! Finally I got the verdict…
I had made it. Despite my sloppy finish, somehow they had liked my form, and I had actually made it! I was shocked, but completely relieved. So now I have a yellow belt! The first major hurdle this year hs been crossed. The next grading is in May, and after today, I really thing I can go for Orange, and then Green in September. If I work really really hard, that could be a possibility! For now, I just have to get through two oceans on Saturday! I’m quite excited actually, I’m sure it will be fine.