Today was the hand-in for the scara sub-systems. I Got to sleep at 3 am and was up again at 7am. I needed to print all my documents (over 15) and edit one or two things, but of course the printers weren’t working. I mean NONE of the printers at campus were working.

Luckily, I knew someone (I won’t divulge my dodgy dealings) who allowed me to print in their office. At 9:50am I was racing against the clock for my 10am hand-in, and suddenly someone comes up and says we have an extension till tomorrow! All I can say is “wow!”
I facilitated a workshop session today for my EWB project team, and it went really well. To put it simply, my team ROCKS! Everyone is enthusiastic, and so ready to do something, I love it. They are most definitely my type of engineers! We even have a few sociologists on board.
I somehow managed to drag myself up to campus again for karate. I’m glad I did though, because grading is on Wednesday and I’d forgotten all the kartas! Its all good now. Mum made bread and butter pudding for dessert, which sucks because hers turned out better than mine! (I’d skimped on the excessive sugar, cutting calories you know).
Oh well!
No work tonight, I’m resting!
Oh, and I promised I’d put up a drawing…Here’s one of my DFMA (design for manufacture and assembly) solutions. I’m hoping the “hawks” wont steal it before tomorrow…I know who you are!