Today was a pretty good day. I had a meeting to attend with some representatives from the City of Cape Town, so it was an excuse to dress up. I love the business-casual look, and always try to jazz it up a little so I don’t come across too yuppie! I didn’t take a picture, but you can get the picture, it looked a lot like this…

I was at campus most of the day, and got some really good research done for my SCARA robot hand-in on Monday. I still have to do about 16 drawings, a gannt chart and a PRS! eek! My lecturer saw me in the labs, FJK, my soon-to-be thesis supervisor. He came to ask about my lean project (the MTN sciencenter one). I had to admit that I simply havn’t had time in all the madness! Can anyone blame me???
He also reminded me that he wants to nominate me to be an ASME volunteer, due to my work with EWB. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is only a HUGE deal, and such an awesome opportunity.l I just wish I had more time to check it out. They have undertaken a whole new area of interest, being diversity and the influence of minorities (woman and people of colour and different cultures) on the field of mech eng. This is right up my alley! For ages, even before the SAWomEng conference I was on last year, I have been passionate about the unique and critical role of a woman’s perspective and intuitive skills to the field of engineering. This is definitely an area which hasn’t been explored enough, and ASME might be just the platform I need to develop this. I think its just so awesome how so many things that I’ve been interested in for so long just seem to be coming together somehow! Check this link out:
The meeting with the City went quite well. Shannon and Fatgie Moos from PDNA consulting engineers were there too, all relating to the upgrading of the Nyanga interchange. They were really interested and excited about EWB and UCT’s involvement. It also seems like a good idea for us to partner with SHAWCO if we choose the Nyanga site, as they have a long-standing relationship with the community (there’s a SHAWCO center right there), and plenty of trust from their 60-odd years of welfare and involvement.
I just have to say, I love Fatgie’s business card! Linus, Thumi and I were ogling it yesterday already, before I even met Fatgie! Its a clean and classy, simple white card with his name in the middle, the logo in the top right corner and all the detail on the back. Along the bottom, in metallic silver, raised print is
Well done PD Naidoo and Associates! Very snazzy! I’d put up a picture, but I doubt Fatgie would appreciate his details on my blog ;). Their website is AMAYZING..definitely worth a look!
My mum, gran and little sister are coming to stay for a few days. They arrive in about an hour! Tazz and I have been frantically cleaning the flat. Oh yes, the funniest thing happened! Taz went out to take out the trash earlier when I was still at campus, and the door closed behind her, locking her out! She had to chill at the neighbor’s for a few hours…they didn’t mind baby-sitting though, and even made her popcorn…Sweet!